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Randomness by Daemon X

Fear what is known.

Daemon X
10 February 1985
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- Hellsing: http://www.xirculo.com/eternal/
- Inu Yasha http://merquise.net/inuyasha Favorite characters: Miroku, Naraku, Sesshomaru
- Vampire Hunter D: http://www.geocities.com/vhdfanlisting/main.html

- Wheel of Time: http://www.hentaiosa.com/wot Favorite character: Mat Cauthon.

- A Perfect Circle: http://inskripted.net/APC/
- Eve 6: http://www.burning-rave.net/fan/odokeru/
- Flogging Molly: http://fans.silent-legacy.org/molly/
- Led Zeppelin: http://www.oxymore.org/ledzep/
- Metallica: http://metallica.s-aint.org/
- MXPX: http://mxpx.notquiteclarity.net/fan
- Nirvana: http://www.logicalharmony.net/nirvana/
- Pink Floyd: http://pinkfloyds.w.interia.pl/eng/index2.html
- Sex Pistols: http://www.deaddesire.org/pistols/
- Stabbing Westward: http://www28.brinkster.com/swfanlist/
- The Aquabats: http://www.firecrasher.net/spudrock
- The Clash: http://fans.papervixen.net/clash/main.php
- The Descendents: http://fan.so-now-im-a-freak.com/descendents/
- Thrice: http://rasphody.com/juxtaposed/

Games (Video or otherwise):
- Age of Empires 2: http://fan.smurl.net/empires/
- Apples to Apples: http://mybigfatgeeksite.com/apples/
- BESM: http://fan.elidan.net/besm
- Dance Dance Revolution: http://ddr.elusive-miracle.net/
- Final Fantasy VII: http://www.peach-arrow.net/ff7/ Favorite characters: Sephiroth and Vincent
- Final Fantasy X: http://www.magical-rave.net/ffx/ Favorite characters: Auron and Anima
- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: http://zelda.eriol.org/
- MUDs: http://fans.acoustic-dream.com/mud/
- Scrabble: http://fan.valvigirl.net/scrabble
- Sonic the Hedgehog series: http://fan.bravepower.net/sonic/ Favorite characters: Ivo Robotnik and Shadow
- Soul Calibur II: http://www.castle-diqueria.com/sc2/indexx/ Favorite character: Voldo
- Starcraft: http://fan.ywing.net/starcraft/ Favorite race: Protoss
- Tetris: http://www.hiiragizawa.net/fan/tetris/
- Trivial Pursuit: http://fancy.zecilia.se/trivialpursuit/
- Vampire the Masquerade: http://kalderash.net/vampire/ Favorite clan: Tremere

Gaming Systems:
- Sega Genesis: http://usuarios.lycos.es/megadrivefan/index.php
- Playstation: http://www.burning-rave.net/fan/odokeru/
- Playstation2: http://iadoreyou.org/ps2/

Game/Anime Characters and Music
- Anima: http://www.freewebs.com/animafan/
- Hiei: http://www.hiei-chan.com/hiei/
- Miroku: http://road2nowhere.8m.com/miroku/
- Naraku: http://geocities.com/naraku_fan/main.html
- One Winged Angel (Sephiroth’s theme): http://www.flossie.us/Myne/OWA/
- Seto Kaiba: http://fan.shadah.com/seto/
- To Zanarkand: http://zanarkand.spiras-fayth.com/

- Brian “Spanky” Kendrick: http://brian-kendrick.net/fans
- Chris Benoit: http://fanlisting.cripplercrossface.com
- Chris Jericho: http://www.chrisjericho.org/fans/
- Degeneration X: http://www.clique4life.com/fans/dx/index2.php
- ECW: http://www.smellslikenirvana.org/ecw/
- Kurt Angle: http://www.vi0lat3d.net/kurt/
- New World Order (nWo): http://www.clique4life.com/fans/nwo/index2.php
- Raven: http://www.raven-web.net/listing/
- Rob Van Dam: http://snap.monkey-sex.net/menu.html
- Sean O’Haire: http://www.fallingdeeper.com/sean/
- Sting: http://www.lovefuryenergy.net/sting/

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